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Inserting Hyperlinks in a LibreOffice Writer Document

asked 2012-10-09 02:27:03 +0100

AntonioRueda gravatar image

When looking into "Target in Document" the Headings section only shows nonsense. How can I make it show what I want?

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answered 2012-10-09 02:52:00 +0100

I assume you refer to the Navigator's headings list. In order for it to show what you want, i. e. the documents's headings, you need to apply the correct paragraph styles to the headings. Those styles also need to have the right outline level applied to them. To apply an outline level to a paragraph style, or see which level it has, right-click on the style in the styles list, select "modify" and go to the "Outline and Numbering" tab. Using this tab's settings, you can define a paragraph style as being a heading (of any level from 1 to 10), a text body paragraph, or even a list paragraph (by associating a list style to the paragraph style).

These style properties are really a great asset in Writer documents. When you begin to understand how styles shape up your document, that's when you can really control what you do with it and how it looks and behaves.

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