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2013-10-01 19:58:19 +0200 Als beste Antwort markiert Why does applying a style keep the old formatting?

Sorry to create another question about this, but I still can't understand.

I have a paragraph, add list numbering to it and then set it Standard style. List numbering remains. I set to clear direct format, numbering remains. I set Standard style again, numbering remains.

Worse: I have a few list styles, if I change the numbering style of 1 of them, it changes them all.

I can't understand how it works. What I think I understood is that list formatting is done separately, by the text:list-style element. But I've copied one of these elements, renamed it, set it to a style:style element, and changes to this style kept changing other styles.

Paragraph Style dialog has no tab for list formating, only option it has is Outline & Numbering tab where I can set another Numbering Style. But as I said that doesn't work because a list style change propagates to other styles that shouldn't be related. And there's no UI to config these numbering styles.

It seems styles are bound in a way I can't understand, even reading styles.xml, and applying a style leaves old formatting behind, which even clearing direct formatting doesn't remove.

2013-10-01 19:58:17 +0200 Als beste Antwort markiert How to change a list style's bullet char?

I'm creating some styles based on lists. I wanna change their bullet char, for exemplo ● - * etc.

The problem is that, if I select a paragraph with the style I wanna change and go to | Format > Bullets and Numbering | and change it, all styles have their bullet changed at once.

So, how can I change it in a style without changing them all?

I've tried editing styles.xml but all changes I did were ignored :(

2013-10-01 19:55:03 +0200 Als beste Antwort markiert How to change page settings?

I wanna change page's margins, header, footer, size, etc, but can't find where to open dialog to config it.

In File menu there's only printer options and Page Preview, whose toolbars provide no useful button.

I found here the following path, but didn't work either: File, Page Preview, Format Page, Page tab, and modify the page Width and Height.

It seems I must go to this FOrmat Page, but how to open it? Do I need to customize menus?

2013-10-01 19:55:00 +0200 Als beste Antwort markiert What's the best ODF Validator?

I've been using http://odf-validator.rhcloud.com is it updated? It reports that Writer 3.5 files are invalid, with a few attributes that aren't expected.

I've been making tests with Writer 3.5 and Word 14 and trying to build my own template, even editing XML directly.

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2013-02-24 17:40:58 +0200 Als beste Antwort markiert Why Word 14 doesn't open Writer 3.5 files?

Whenever I save an odt in Writer 3.5, Word 14 opens it complaining it's corrupted.

I found an ODF validator, it reports that Word 14's ODT is 1.1 and is invalid, with a few references in manifest that shouldn't be there. In the same validator, Writer 3.5's ODT is 1.2 and is also invalid, with an attribute that's everywhere and isn't expected.

As I've tested, Word 14 is better than old OpenOffice in converting complex doc documents to ODT, and Writer 3.5 is better than Word 14! I have a very good doc template with TOC and some good styles, I wanna convert it to ODT and manually edit it to make it even better. But I'm afraid of converting and losing data, or creating an ODT that in the future won't be properly opened by newer editors.

2013-02-16 15:49:10 +0200 Als beste Antwort markiert How to change styles order?

I'm creating a ott template and building custom styles. I wanna change the order they appear in Styles and Formatting window, but I can't find out how.

I can manually edit styles.xml, but also didn't work.

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