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2013-10-27 08:58:13 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Browser style forward and back buttons in Calc.

You should file a bug report :

Please give the bug number here when done.

2013-10-27 08:51:29 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Should (could) the locale be a document property?

I don't know if I understand well your question, but you should define the "locale" used in a cell by defining the language of this cell and the number format. If the contents of the cell is recognized in English the decimal separator will be a dot and if it is Spanish, the decimal separator will be a comma. Of course you can also modify the default style to define the locale for this file. You need to modify the language in the tabs Number and Font.

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2012-12-10 20:08:45 +0100 Kommentierte Antwort Conditionally change data range of a chart in CALC?

You can find my example here:

Do not try to update the linked data when opening the file (data sheet linked to a csv file)

2012-12-03 06:17:00 +0100 Beantwortete Frage How do I keep cross-references in subdocuments from mixing up in a master document?

You should try to define your sequence for equations numbering in the master, not in the sub-documents.

2012-12-03 06:13:47 +0100 Kommentierte Frage Locked docs

Which version of MS-Word and which version of LibreOffice ?

2012-12-02 09:26:47 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Can I add custom colors to Options>Appearance

No. You can do that in menu Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Colors

2012-12-02 09:24:49 +0100 Kommentierte Frage LibreOffice problem in Ubuntu 12.10

which version are you using ? The one provided by Ubuntu or the one downloaded from LibreOffice website?

2012-12-02 09:22:05 +0100 Beantwortete Frage [solved] hyperlink() vs insert hyperlink

If you encounter a crash with a file you should report that in a bug report

That said, which version of LibreOffice are you using, what is the format of your document (ods or xls), what is your OS?

2012-12-02 09:14:32 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Calc - sorting data on multiple sheets

AFAIK it is not possible. If you want alphabetical sort through several sheets, the method I suggest is to work on a synthetic sheet which collect data in each sheet to sort using formula like = sheet1.A1. Then sort this synthetic sheet.

2012-12-02 08:33:36 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Why does LibreOffice select all text in between when using shift-select?

Because it is designed that way. If you want do multiple selection, use ctrl instead od shift.

2012-11-25 13:24:43 +0100 Beantwortete Frage howto get rid of hyperlinks in table of contents
  1. Edit the table of contents : right clic on the TOC and choose Edit table/index
  2. go to Entries tab
  3. for each level in which you want remove hyperlinks, click on LS and LE button in Structure.
  4. click on OK button when finished
2012-11-25 13:13:30 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Conditionally change data range of a chart in CALC?

I am not sure if I understand well what you mean, but I have a spreadsheet with which I analyze output data from a computational code:

  1. sheet_1 is linked to a csv file (the output from the computational code)
  2. sheet_2 shows a chart and a drop-down list allowing to choose which line from sheet_1 to be drawn on the graph;
  3. sheet_3 extract from sheet_1 the list of available data to feed the drop_down list

The chart take its values from a copy of the data defined by the value selected in the drop-down list. The copy is made using INDIRECT function.

I can send you the file if what I described is corresponding to what you want to do.

2012-11-25 08:33:58 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Insert chart option grayed out

Perhaps you protected you document or the sheet in which you want add a graph ?

2012-11-25 08:32:34 +0100 Beantwortete Frage how to compress image on writer

If you add images in png or jpeg formats, they will be keep in this format in the ODF file.

Another way to modify an image in Writer: right clic on the picture -> Edit with an external tool -> do your change -> save.

2012-11-24 07:21:16 +0100 Beantwortete Frage LibreOffice Accessing the Internet

Internet or the local network?

LibreOffice may want to find printer on the local network.

2012-11-24 07:18:35 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Failed Installation - Libre Office 3.6.3

Have you tried to install the files in the right order, the big one first ?

If the installation does not start when you double-click the file, you should verify:

1/ On XP : you have the MicroSoft Installer to handle msi files

2/ the downloaded file is not corrupted : you can verify the check sum (md5sum).

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2012-11-21 19:12:48 +0100 Beantwortete Frage How to set tab stop using spaces?

The answer is no because LibreOffice Writer is not a plain text editor. A tab 8 spaces make sense only with non proportional fonts.

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2012-11-20 20:33:42 +0100 Beantwortete Frage URL's for pictures in write
2012-11-20 20:32:38 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Can I make images available offline?

Yes : menu Edit > Link ... then select alls links in the dialog and hit the button "Break link" validate and save the file.

2012-11-20 19:45:21 +0100 Beantwortete Frage LibreOffice changes my hyperlinks on load to be relative to my filesystem

Menu Tools > Options > Load / Save > General

2012-11-19 23:50:45 +0100 verliehene Abzeichen  Tolle Antwort (Quelle)
2012-11-19 15:07:50 +0100 Beantwortete Frage PDF forms and nonstandard fonts

In the PDF export dialog, you have a checkbox to choose to embed the non standard fonts you are using in your documen in the pdf.

2012-11-19 15:02:52 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Can I autoload a spreadsheet at startup?

It is probably enough to replace the shortcut for LO-Calc by something like

libreoffice3.6 --calc my_prefered_spreadsheet.ods

The right syntax depend on your OS.

2012-11-19 14:45:54 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Attachmnet in PDF export

Which LO version are you using ? Each functionality you are asking for is already available: embedded non standard fonts, links and, if you create a master document, you can generate a single pdf file with several separated text documents.

2012-11-18 20:07:23 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Multiple word suggestions with word completion.

For improvement suggestion you should use

2012-11-18 20:02:53 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Will LO develop a better system for citation/references?

From my point of view Zotero is the best solution for scientific citation. And you can use Zotero offline.

2012-11-18 19:58:54 +0100 Beantwortete Frage text folding, pretty please!!

For enhancements propositions, please use :

2012-11-18 19:51:44 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Impress Normal and Notes in same view?


Is your screen large enough to do that?

2012-11-18 19:40:27 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Exporting doc to html, but endnotes are not at the end of section but at the end of document.

You should export as PDF instead.

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2012-11-17 20:34:40 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Are there Writer templates included in the installation?

If Ubuntu repository does not provide a templates package, you can visit

2012-11-10 17:36:12 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Graphic sent in back

ctrl+clic does not work to select the graphic ?

2012-11-10 16:53:39 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Impress becomes slow when background picture was added

Try to disable hardware acceleration or anti-aliasing for graphics output: menu Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View

That said, you should upgrade to the current release : LibreOffice 3.6.3

2012-11-10 16:49:02 +0100 Beantwortete Frage Password protection of editing

You can do that with a section protected against modifications.

For an existing file: ctrl+A (select all) -> insert -> section etc.

2012-11-09 17:20:26 +0100 Kommentierte Antwort where can I find information on these buttons?

It's me, I misunderstood your question, I did not understand that it was not about LibreOffice but about askLibO

2012-11-09 11:32:41 +0100 Überarbeitete Antwort where can I find information on these buttons?

To view what does a button or a menu entry, the best way I know is to enable extended tips (menu Tools > Options > LibreOffice > General). Then you get an help tip when you move the mouse pointer on the button or the entry menu.

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