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2018-06-07 03:30:12 +0100 Gestellte Frage I am not able to rename the sheets in Calc (solved)

I am not able to rename the sheets in Calc (solved) Actually this is more of a point of information if you can't rename

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2014-12-28 07:01:06 +0100 Gestellte Frage Combine data from Calc sheets that share one common element

What I have are two (or more) sheets that have columns of data (part numbers) and the problem I have is trying to merge the sheets into a third sheet where the part numbers from one are matched to the part number of the second and the corresponding data (prices, description, etc.) is put into respective columns. There are several thousand part numbers...
As an example one sheet has a part number, German label and a price in Euros, the other sheet may have that part number (or not), it has an older Euro price and an English description.
My goal is to have a sheet with all the part numbers from both lists in sequence, and numbers that match have the information from each sheet, and numbers that don't match are still present with the data from their sheet something like:

Part Number | Old Euro price | New Euro Price | German Desc. | English Desc. | other columns...
1           |     12         |   18           | (German text)| (English text)|  other data
2           |  (no data)     |   5            | (German text)| (nothing)     | (nothing ) 
14          |      32        | (no data)      | (nothing)    | (English text)| etc...


So part number 1 would have matches on both sheets, number 2 only on the second sheet, 14 on the first sheet and so on, some matching one part number or the other or both.

I was trying to do this in Base (I understand this would be better, but even less of a clue), but don't understand how to do Inquiries enough to build the resulting data format. I was able to import the Calc sheets into separate Base databases, but got stuck at that point.
Thanks for looking at this!

More info added Dec 30:

Well, I've played with VLOOKUP() but I'm not getting the results needed. You see the two sheets, while they share a number of part numbers, there are missing numbers on each sheet. What I am trying to do is generate a master sheet that combines the two other sheets into a full list of both part numbers - where the part numbers are the same, then the columns share have the relevant data. Where the part numbers are missing on one, but not the other sheet, then I just want the existing part number with its data on its row.

The formula I tried with was VLOOKUP($A2,SHEET1.$A2, SHEET2.$A2:$C4,2,0) (depending on the column - this is for column 3 on Sheet 3) - this only worked for the first row, then I got #N/As once it got to missmatched part numbers.

Let me make two simple lists and the results I am looking for:

first sheet:

A0          |  B0            | C0
Part Number | Old Euro price | German Desc. 
1           |     12         |   (German text)
13          |     19         |   (German text)
27          |     21         |   (German text)
33          |      2         |   (German text)

second sheet:

A0          | B0             |C0
Part Number | USD            | English Desc. 
1           |     10         |   (English text)
17          |     15         |   (English text)
27          |     19         |   (English text)
44          |      1.5       |   (English text)

Combined sheet

A0          |B0              |C0 ...
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2014-11-17 03:35:15 +0100 Gestellte Frage How do I use Base to merge two tables? (LO - OSX 10.9.1)

I've looked at Full Join and found this suggestion for a way to build the SQL to do what I want:
ON =
( )
However Base rewrites that SQL sequence and then says it can't find the table.
What I am trying to do is to merge two tables of data that share the same part number - so that the result is a new table that has all the part numbers from the old tables in order with missing numbers from either table inserted in sequence in the new table.
I am not using a Primary Key for either table.
My code:
ON "TABLEA"."Part Number" = "TABLEB"."ArtNr"
Base converts to:
Get the error message:
The data content could not be loaded.
Table not found: TABLE B in statement [SELECT....

Both tables show up in the design page with the link which does say it is a "Full (outer) Join".
I'm missing something obvious...aren't I?

2012-09-12 22:03:31 +0100 Beantwortete Frage How does one define OSX paths in Base?

Argh...well, that was easier than I thought. So, the structure is /Users/name/Sites/sub_d or wherever I placed the file. Localhost is ignored (at least for now). On to the next problem...

2012-09-12 21:56:00 +0100 Gestellte Frage How does one define OSX paths in Base?

I am trying to add links to images in a Form in BASE but I can't find information on how the paths are structured in BASE with respect to OSX. Running under localhost I assumed the path starts from the root directory (user/sites/...)but this does not appear to be the case (or I'm overlooking something) for when I set a path to a directory and image file, nothing shows up in the Form in the Image Control window I've added (linked to the Image File name & path defined as "sub_d/file.jpg" without quotes). Tried putting that directory and file under all the /sites directories and sub-directories related to the database file with no success. Also tried under XAMPP/htdocs(/sub_d/file.jpg) section - no joy. Using this page as a guide for linking to images, however the author uses MS path structures not OSX. Using XAMPP for running LOCALHOST.