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2012-03-30 00:20:35 +0100 Kommentierte Antwort .MSI Property For Save As Type

The frustrating part about all of this is in OpenOffice3.0 we were able to copy a settings file/directory that OO built on install, via login script, to every machine that had OO installed on it. The more recent OpenOffice and LibreOffice do not build this file/directory anymore.

2012-03-29 23:07:29 +0100 Kommentierte Antwort .MSI Property For Save As Type

Thanks for your help, but that is not where I was talking about changing the setting. I am wanting to change it in the .MSI file so when I deploy it via GPO I wont need to manually change that setting on all 100 machines. As far as using .ODF, this is simply not an option at my company. Thank you.

2012-03-29 22:40:44 +0100 Gestellte Frage .MSI Property For Save As Type

I modified the LibreOffice 3.5.1 .MSI to register all mso types, but it is not defaulting the save as type to Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, etc.. Anyone have any insight as to what property these can be found in?

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2012-03-02 19:47:20 +0100 Gestellte Frage How can I personalize a multiple-machine LibreOffice deployment?

I would like to save files in the Microsoft format on all machines I deploy LibreOffice 3.4.5 to.

I know how to change the setting on 1 machine, but which file does that setting change in? I know that most, if not all, config files are located in \AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\3\user\ but I am not sure which one changes when you change the Always save as setting to Microsoft in the Load/Save -> General section of the Options menu.

The point of all this is once I figure out that file I can copy it over to each machine via login script and all new installations of LibreOffice will save documents in the Microsoft format.

Thank you!