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You may be hard pressed to produce your provided sample in Report Builder.

I typically use DynamicReports. A sample of theirs is similar to the one you have. Note the Complex Sales report & just below that a Map sample - click here. The drawbacks for you may be that there is no graphical interface (after getting used to it, I now prefer this approach) and the interface is in Java. It connects with most databases (including PostgreSQL). You can work with it using Eclipse Java.

I would guess that you would continue to use QGIS for geocoding as typically you wouldn't find this in a report generator. Hopefully you could export a file for use in the report.

If you are using or plan to use LibreOffice, the finished program from DynamicReports can be exported as an executable .jar from Eclipse and then stored with the Base file(s). Base, using a very simple macro with a shell command, can then execute the report.

There are other open software report builders available, all with graphical interfaces: Jasper Reports (DynamicReports is based on this), Pentaho Report Builder (somewhat the basis for LO Report Builder) and DataVision Reports (not updated in quite some time).

With the exception of DataVision, each product mentioned has a user forum for potential help in report creation.