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First, I know of no word processor such as LO Writer or M$ Word that can display tabular information by flowing from one side of the page to the other as you seem to desire. However, let's use our imagination for a moment.

FIRST - Why not make a 5-column table with 20 rows and manually control the placement of the information? You would use column 3 as a divider to adjust the width of separation of the "bottom" 20 rows from the "top" 20. By making column 3 relatively narrow, you could even use left and right borders to enhance the visual separation if you desired. Use merge cells to create a table header across all columns. To me, this is probably the simplest approach.

SECOND - Instead of a table, you might try using column sections across the page to separate individual columns and arranging your text accordingly. I believe this solution would apply best if the columnar, and not the tabular, feature of the presentation is the focus (such as with newspapers and magazines).

THIRD - (A tabular approach with a twist.) You might try setting up a LO Calc spreadsheet in the way you desire, then inserting the spreadsheet into the LO Writer document as an OLE object (link or embed).

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