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Somewhere along the line you have a miss match between the text you are using and the character supported in the character sets. I don't use MS office but I assume the problem is the same using XLS.

The � character is the Unicode Replacement Character is the general substitute character for any "unknown" character in a document or spreadsheet. If you export the file as CVS you must choose a character set that contains all the text characters you use. Libreoffice uses Unicode (UTF-8) which contains every character used in Europe and the world. If you choose a character set that does not contain all your text characters you have such, as ISO-8859-1 (Western Europe) or US-ASCII all the missing characters will be replaced and end up as �. Likewise if you import the file into office, the correct character set for import must be chosen. Likewise the Fonts must support the characters used. Hope this helps.