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I use Dragon Premium all the time, but have had difficulties with both LibreOffice and OpenOffice because trying to dictate directly into a document is made difficult by the dictation point (where text starts to enter when dictating) differs from where the cursor is set the by keyboard or mouse. So if I want to fill in an answer to a pre-written question, put my cursor there, start dictating, the text enters several lines below, right in the middle of other text; I haven't been able to make out a repeatable formula for just where it jumps to, so it is hard to do a bug report. I did find that removing all fields inserted by autotext avoids the problem. For example, I have one autotext that inserts today's date and an introductory phrase, which causes the problem to appear. I switched back to OpenOffice but that has the same problem, perhaps less frequent (I am not sure of that). The latest LibreOffice has more Dragon commands, but none of these matters are well documented, at least that I can find.