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Styles are contained in a document, be it an ODT file or a OTT template file. Therefore, the application itself does really not contain styles independently of any document, apart from the ones that are automatically generated for each new document and are part of LibreOffice’s structure (e.g. standard, text body, headings 1 to 10, etc.).

That being said, you could define your custom “editorial” style in a template or document along with any other styles you might need and, in each document that you receive and must work on, import the styles instead of recreating them each time. To import a style, go to File > Templates > Organize, choose the document or template that contains the styles and copy the wanted styles from this document to the document you are currently working on. Using this method, you can quickly add the styles to many documents.

For more information, see the LibreOffice Writer Guide, page 192 and the following pages (the Writer Guide is a very comprehensive resource and I heartily recommend it).