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The thumbnail in Uglyface200's example 33 kb text file is 18 kb. This does seem a bit excessive and may rate an enhancement request for thumbnail Yes/No or size.

I was able to replace the 18 kb thumbnail.png file in the unzipped odt with a smaller 1 kb version. Reconverting to odt format did not result in a corrupt file. The overall odt size was reduced from 33 kb to 15.5 kb. However if I edited the file and saved it, the 18 kb thumbnail was recreated.

The fodt format does not include a thumbnail section. I saved the 33 kb odt file as a fodt file and compressed it separately, the gzipped file was 10 kb. This means an extra steps to open the gz archive and save the odt back to it. On my Debian system this was not a big deal. On the other hand a few extra ks don't seem that big a deal anyway.

The thumbnail size depends on the content of the first page. When I inserted a blank first page in the 33 kb file and saved it I got a 15.4 kb file. The blank first page is not too convenient.