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Hello @ppetak,

You do not have to format each row manually, but you can set the conditional format for 1 row, then at once copy it for all other rows.

  1. Select all the appropriate cells of your first row, e.g. cells $A2:$U2;
  2. Choose the menu "Format : Conditional Formatting : Color Scale...";
  3. Set the first two listboxes to "All Cells" and "Color Scale (3 entries)";
  4. Set the second row of listboxes to "Min", "Percentile", and "Max";
  5. Below the listbox "Percentile", enter the value 50;
  6. Click OK.

If all went well, the conditional format should now be set for the first row. Now to set this format for the rest of your rows:

  1. While the same cells $A2:$U2 are still selected, press CTRL+C (Copy);
  2. Select all the appropriate cells of all other rows that should be formatted;
  3. Choose the menu "Edit : Paste Special...";
  4. In the dialog that pops up, DEselect all checkboxes except "Formats";
  5. click OK.

Hope it helps, lib