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answered 2013-02-26 03:47:08 +0200

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@endolith question is a good one and so is @mariosv's answer.

There is an additional element in endolith question. If I am right, he would like to have sub unit lines between the 1, 10, 100. 1000, etc. This is currently not possible in LibO. Triggered by mariosv's screen shots I looked at it.

I created a row of values ranging from 1 - about 1800 to go across 3 orders of magnitude. Next, I made a chart and flagged the y-axis as "log" and got the correct chart.

Playing with the major and minor interval does not allow to create logarithmic sub units (grid lines) between 1-10, 10-100, 100-1000, etc

Therefore, I think that adding the feature of having logarithmic sub-units as an option would be an interesting thing. I would like to encourage endolith to bring this topic forward as an enhancement request included should be the possibility to have also and logarithmic x-axis.

As MS EXCEL (2003; can someone check the newer versions?) has only the features like Calc now, the enhancement would make Calc very interesting for a people who need to work with log- or double log charts.

Here is a article on logarithmic scaling: