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In order to better answer your question I have attached a sample. Your question states you created a form, but the code appears to be dealing with a dialog. The sample uses a form with a button. Pressing the button will execute the macro to generate a dialog. Before the dialog appears, there will be message boxes depicting some information within the two controls appearing on the dialog. One control is a list box and the other is a combo box.

As far as documentation, it is scattered all over the place. There is no one location. However, this post provides a variety of links you might be interested in. Two specific items are the LO documentation and OOME by Andrew Pitonyak both within the list.

One place to look for all method calls is a tall order. A more common starting point is to learn to use an Object Inspector such as MRI or XRay again both on the list.

Sample: ListVsCombo.odb