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Hi, This is not a full answer but I Have advanced! I have changed my "paypal" table to include an "ID" column as joint primary key along with "NDT" I have also added an exchange rate column, this is calculated in the Calc document and then imported as data, I have deleted "time" column as this is no longer needed. This has now enabled me to create three queries, one for each currency where I have added a column 'Net' * 'exchangeRate' This gives me the value of each transaction in Euros, These work perfectly, so as @ratslinger said "impossible" is a strong word!! I am making now working on a way to combine all the totals to give me a value for the "paypal" account in Euros, I would like to somehow use a form where I enter the date and in three other columns I have the sum of all transaction up to that date, this is very important to me as it enables me to control my calculations, I have advanced but there is more work to do!

@librebel wrote; You could make a running total using the SUM function in your SQL query, e.g. SELECT SUM( "Net" ) FROM "PayPal" WHERE "Date" = {d '2017-07-31' } AND "Type" = 'Conversion de devise initiée par l''utilisateur' so i am going to try to use this in my form

Again many thanks to all who have taken an interest in my Question