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There exists "Autoformat Styles" for Tables in Writer and Calc. To define such "Style" you need to design a 4x4 Table. The dialog has check boxes for what to use from the style. These are stored in binary format inside the user profile. They have exists since ever. But no one had cared about them, and therefore the predefined ones are not really useful.

Then there exist "Styles" in Impress/Draw and newly in the Styles pane in Writer side bar. They use the ODF element <table:table-template> inside the document. The implementation has still bugs. And the ODF specification allows more customization of such table templates as currently is implemented. On the other hand some properties cannot be part of such template, but are always properties of the single table. For to examine, what is possible to be stored in a table-template and what always will be a hard formatting of a single table, you need to look into the ODF specification.

There is ongoing work to exchange the predefined table styles. If you are interested in such work, you should join the Design Team.

In all cases "Table styles" are no "Styles" in the sense of paragraph or character styles. But they are presets of properties, that can be assigned to a table. There exists no hierarchy. The term "template" reflects better, what they are.

I consider the current state of the new kind of table styles as "half-baked". You can see it as experimental feature and they will be improved in future versions. But do not expect a quick progress. The problems with table design are known, no need for a feature request. More useful then a feature request is assistance.