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I wanted a technical, not a legal solution to my problem. But shame on me for not stating my wishes more clearly.

Back to the practical side:

  • I cannot use a program that corrupts my work at any moment. I just cannot save and backup my files after each key I press, just to make sure the program doesn't corrupt my data.
  • LibreOffice is the only program I have used in the last five years that has consistently and repeatedly corrupted my files, to the point where i just saved empty files.
  • a simple google search shows that this has apparently been a problem with LO/OO for at least seven years.

All mumbo-jumbo about licenses - and hair-splitting about my apparent misuse of the word "guarantee" - aside, this is just unacceptable.

So I ask again: is there a practical solution to my problem that has a good chance of not leading to the problem reappearing the next time I blink?

If not, switching to Microsoft Office seems to be the only solution. I know no software is perfect, and I'm old enough to remember Office '97 malfunctions, but I haven't about any MO error this severe in more than a decade.