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Hello, Same observation here. I need to do the following- 1) Data is organized in single column A 2) I have to select some rows at a time copy them and transpose then in column B in order to split that in columns. I have created a macro for this. At a time, i select about 15 rows. The macro execution takes about 2 seconds to execute completely. Same file, same macro on Excel, its instantaneous. Details of the File as follows - Note- the file has been created in Excel saved in XLS format. Converting it to XLSX makes no difference. 1) File size ~55MB 2) Number of sheets - ~30 3) Rows per sheet - ~10500 Saving the file in Calc takes > 5 minutes. Till the files is completely saved, cannot use any other LibreOffice tool. Saving the same file on Excel is within a minute at the most. Strange thing observed, the macro execution becomes a little faster when I am charging the laptop. Please let me know if any more information is needed. I can attach the file required. Thanks.