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Two work-arounds I have found. (I presently run LibreOffice (x64) on Windows 10 64-bit. I have not tested other versions or platforms, so your results may vary.)

The first method won't give you the colour code, but it should let you set the background colour to the one you want without disturbing anything else, assuming it is already used in the document. Select the cell you want to colour. Open the Background dialog. There are several available palettes. Click the down arrow and select the "Document colors" palette. This palette appears to show only the colours in use in the current document (may include colours no longer in use). From this (hopefully) short list, it is relatively easy to match the colour you want.

The second method depends on having specific additional software installed. Other programs may work similarly, but the only one I have found so far is Snagit (presently using Ver 11). In Snagit, pick an editing option that lets you choose the fill colour. Snagit lets you take the eyedropper cursor outside the program window. Hover over the cell whose background colour you wish to copy, and the Tooltip will give the RGB values. From there you can use the Custom Color option in the LO Background dialog to duplicate it. As for other programs, I know Windows Paint and The Gimp will not work. Snagit works on Windows and Mac only, but other screen capture programs may have a similar capability.

(Sorry I could not post screen shots - not enough karma.)