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Tested in LO 5.4.3 on LinuxMint: select colored cell (the color you want to know more about) and open the 'Background' dialog. You should see your color in the 'Recent colors' if it has been applied before, and there should be a frame around the swatch if it is in the chosen palette. Hovering with the cursor over it gives you its name, but that's only 'Red_3' or some generic name.

Now, if you don't touch anything in this dialog, but choose 'Custom color...' at the bottom, a color-selector window should open, already pre-filled with information about the color of the cell; in RGB, HSB and CMYK !

This was not working for me in LO 5.2, the color-selector was at some irrelevant values when opened.

To apply a consistent coloring scheme in a document, a good way is to choose document colors as a palette, just like @Hopeful-LO-user pointed out.