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The gray vertical bars in the edit screen indicate non-break space. (You can manually create them in LibreOffice with Ctl+Shift+SpaceBar (or Insert | Formatting Mark | Non-breaking Space).

Apparently Word will take two spaces and convert one of them to a non-break space to make sure that the two spaces at the end of the sentence is preserved. (This is also an HTML trick to make sure that the rendering of the page preserves the two spaces because all regular spaces get collapsed into one space when a HTML page renders on the screen.)

So, when the Word doc was converted to Writer, the converting routine errs on the side of caution and preserves the non-break space.

When the document is actually printed, there will be spaces, not the grey boxes. (You can see this in Page Preview (either by clicking on the "Page preview" icon, or Ctrl+Shift+O, or File | Page Preview).

When you type in new text, you can just hit the SpaceBar twice and Writer will know you want a double-space without having to sneak in a non-breaking space, so new stuff you type will look normal (no gray boxes).

The page numbers are in a grey box to indicate that those are the display values of fields in the document, in this case, the Page Number field. When previewed or printed, you will see just the number, not the gray box holding the number.