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Okay ... to make things worse ...

I tried same actions described above (in my first post) with Libreoffice 4.0 on a Windows system (windows 7). I call it "worse" since on windows this behaviour DOES NOT happen !!! Now, before I go crazy, please, doesn't anyone in the Libreoffice stuff know anything about this ?!?!? WHY the same actions made on a Windows system does not happen exactly the same on my Linux system ??? (that's one of the strengths of this office package, right ? to be able to reproduce the same actions no matter the operating system where it lands ... or it isn't ??? ) How come making copy/paste from a web page in LO (4.0, but I'm sure this is true on LO 3.5 ...) in Windows behaves totally different than the same thing done in Linux ???? This really drives me crazy (and mostly because I'm sure this is a Libreoffice specific issue, it does not have anything to do with any settings in my Linux .... nor does it with the browser I'm using -- the same thing happens when copying those values from Google Chrome, or Opera...)