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I don't believe there is an easy solution for your request. Calc data can be inputted in Base tables in two ways: linked and csv.

When linked, Base gets whatever decipherable data from the sheets in the document and creates tables based upon this. This data is rows and columns of the same type information. The same is true of creating csv files from the sheets. Now based upon provided information it doesn't appear you sheets would be arranged as such. Since they are invoices you probably have a section for name & address another section for details & yet another for totals. This would not be a format understood in simple conversion.

Unless what you have is significantly different than described, then the only solutions to get this information into a database would be custom programming to read the sheet data and transcribe it into a format acceptable for entry into table(s) or manually copy data item by item.

It may be easiest to just rename the files to include the date.