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If you suspect some remnant from previous hyperlink, hover over newly inserted text. If a tooltip Ctrl-click to open hyperlink appears, you definitely have an internet link. It can be removed with right-click and choosing Remove Hyperlink. In addition, styling must also be reset.

If there is no hyperlink, a special internal character style may still be in effect. When LO detect an hyperlink, it adds to your styling its own flagging to allow click-connections to the target. This flag cannot be removed with Format>Clear Direct Formatting or Ctrl+M. Instead:

  • select the "polluted" area (or select whole document with Ctrl+A -- it does not matter since you are beginning with a brand new one),
  • open the style side pane with F11,
  • click on the second icon from the left in the toolbar (character style),
  • you might see Internet Link selected but it may be overridden by another style,
  • double click on Default Style

In case Default Style is already selected, double-click first on another style, e.g. Emphasis, then on Default Style to make sure you revert everything to default.

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