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Err.. sorry, CTRL+SHIFT+V takes the thin up to another level of annoyance :-)) So, if I do this, I got now another window (with the title "Paste special" and wants me to give an answer to this question: "Selection" (and have to choose from "unformatted text" and "HTML" !!! Well ... I know I'm using a package prepared by the OpenSUSE team, and not the package downloaded dorectly from libreoffice site ... but do you think that they messed it up so bad as to behave this way ? I don't think so ... I'd rather suspect it's something wrong with the way Libreoffice (Calc) treats this issue (pasting values from a web page into on of it's cells...)

As for the other option ... when clicking simply on the plain icon, I got the window I was writing in the first post. If I click on that little right arrow, I have to choose fro those 2 option mentioned above .... Still no much of a help in doing the paste desired. So I miss my "beloved" middle-click that simply pastes the copied values in my Linux.. Why did Libreoffice mess it up so bad ?