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I found a workaround

My OS is Ubuntu 16.04LTS. It has an App (Screenruler) in the repository. I'm sure other Operation Systems has an equivalent app.

Screenruler is a graphical ruler to measure objects on the screen. It works fine as long as I set the zoom to 100 percent, or adjust the zoom so that LibreOffice Writer's ruler matches the size of the screen ruler.

Now I can place my object to an exact coordinate, based on measurements on the workbench.

I'm using LIbreOffice for Mailmerge with templates for various Window envelopes imported from Microsoft Word. I'm creating new templates. Some are for various mail merge listings which include, invoices, statements, courtesy letters and notices to customers, and the like.

I have a number of other projects where seeing the full length of the ruler in one segment is convenient. One is the design of custom inserts designed for baseball card size inserts which I place in baseball card holders, which are 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches.

I appreciate the suggestion for using Scribus or some other publishing or design application. But at present (for me) the ease and facility of using mail merge for pulling my data would be lost.

-- L. James

-- L. D. James