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Most useful tags are those that let you quickly search/browse for a problem similar to yours. IMHO, however, the problem here is not about tags specifically but about the design of this site generally. The design is great for a forum of hackers (or simply clever users that know the true meanings of RTFM and STFW), but it turns bad for a forum full of lusers that behave like if they were on some crappy social network site.

A hacker/clever user does RTFM and STFW first, then comes here and:

  1. Browses the forum by relevant tags.
  2. Searches the forum.
  3. Then asks a good question, in particular: a) gives a concise title, and b) makes the title even more concise by splitting it to a couple of relevant tags (i. e. keywords).

A luser does not RTFM, does not STFW, does not browse/search the forum, simply asks a stupid question, makes a loooong title, then makes a loooong list of tags because (the logic of a crappy social network site) more tags means more visitors and more likes. I have seen a hilarious example when a moron put an entire post (not even merely a question) into the title field and then into the tags field.

what guidelines should be used for creating tags?

True lusers don't read any guidelines :-D

I believe, the tags feature should be limited to, say, five words. And the length of titles should be limited too.