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Opening WordPerfect documents in LibreOffice seems to depend on what your "information" might be.

  1. A simple letter prepared in WordPerfect X8 in .wpd format (sorry, I don't have X5 anymore) was opened directly and without errors by LibreOffice v5.4.5. (I didn't know LO could do that.)
  2. A letter with an embedded image in .wpd format was also opened directly by LO, although the format of the page numbering was lost.
  3. A spreadsheet with chart, prepared in WordPerfect X8 (QuattroPro) in .qpw format could NOT be opened directly by LO (result = gibberish). However, the same original QuattroPro spreadsheet 'Saved As' a Microsoft Excel 1997/2000/2002/2003 document in .xls format by WordPerfect Office X8 was then opened by LO Calc and only the chart layout would need some editing.

WordPerfect's "Save As" offers over 50 different formats for text documents but David's comment about using the Word97-2003 format is certainly good advice. However, if your information is a simple WordPerfect text document, LibreOffice can probably open it directly without you having to use Save As.

I don't have any WordPefect Presentations documents so could not test them in LO Impress.