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Quotient will only produce whole numbers so this is not wanted.

ROUND (from off-line help):

ROUND(Number; Count)
Returns Number rounded to Count decimal places. If Count is omitted or zero, the function rounds to the nearest integer. If Count is negative, the function rounds to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, etc.
This function rounds to the nearest number. See ROUNDDOWN and ROUNDUP for alternatives.

Implementing this results in:

image description

The result in C1 used the formula =ROUNDUP(A1/B1,2) to produce your desired result.

The result in C2 used the formula =A1/B1.

The result in C3 used the formula =ROUND(2430/326,2)

How you want the result to display is simply formatting the cell - right mouse click cell & select Format Cells...