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This based on a default install of LO 5.3.7 for Windows 7; file locations for other OSes will be different.

Go to Tools | Extension Manager and just select to display the extensions bundled with LO In my install I then see extensions for English, French and Spanish spelling dictionaries, hyphenation rules etc. (and a few other non-dictionary extensions) These are what you might call the xxx language dictionaries, i.e. English language, French language.

These extensions can be found in C:\Program Files|LibreOffice 5\share\extensions in their own directories dict-xx where xx represents the language. If you look in dict-en you will see a number of en_XX.dic and en_XX.aff files - the XX representing the various regional English versions (we all speak the same English, no?). dic files contain the base words used by spell check and aff file contain the affix rules for the particular region.

These are the "main" or language/region specific dictionaries, perhaps Primary would be a better word?; the user-defined ones, which are activated and which are associated with the Primary language, are used in addition to the Primary to spell check your document.

I think every file in the dict-xx directories are basically plain text files, so feel free to investigate the contents with a text editor such as notepad.

Why are there more or less words in some dictionaries? Ask the person who put the dictionaries together - these are sourced from outside LO; the README files may be interesting.

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