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Hi, So my 2-cents on this issue which has really never been resolved, and I have invested about 6 hours searching and attempting all kinds of ideas suggested here and with MS. None of which are viable.

I have been using computers since 1990 and have never had this kind of an issue installing a program, nor with the Win 8.1 system on this PC. It seems to me that the root issue is in the way LO wants to install, that seems to be somewhat unique, and not friendly with the Windows operating systems. Deciding to stop all the struggle with this program, which has been touted as better than the Apache version, I have gone back to Apache. Reinstalling the Apache OO seems to have resolved the freezing issues I was having with it. And interestingly a similar issue came up with shortcut installations ...however, with Apache OO I could click through the errors and continue with the installation, sans the specific issues ...and the program functions. So, it is possible to not have these issues prevent an installation. I suggest implementing the same kind of installation protocol for LO ...and perhaps there is a way to have the shortcut options available later after the program is installed ...maybe there would not be an issue with Windows Permissions.