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Hello @paul1149,

Historically I have seen only 50 -55% response of ANY kind to answers given on this site and even less for marking answers as accepted regardless if asking for an answer to be marked. Making the Mark as Answer more prominent may help a bit but it seems there are much bigger issues with the site causing some of the low response figures.

Currently a large problem is the lack of email notifications. This has been missing now for close to 5 months. TDF has been made aware of the problem around 2 months ago, confirmed the problem in early February and has been looking into it for weeks now. It appears this particular problem has recurred multiple times over the past 15 months without resolution.

People posting here, especially first timers, are expecting notification when an answer has been posted to their question. Since none is received, IMO they may start looking for an answer elsewhere. If they even check the site without signing in and see no answer marked, that doesn't mean there isn't a comment waiting to be answered and again they may look elsewhere.

Even with that, there are a number of other things which could be done to improve response. For example the How to use the Ask site could be more prominent and badly in need of updating. It is difficult to find answers already given on the site. Discussions (as I've seen asked to be done by TDF) are not conducive. And a great deal more.

If you are looking for a place to post your request, try Nabble. This is probably as good a place to start as any.