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Yes, being new to this site, I had to be told by a member to check my question answered also. And for 20 years using computers I should of know. And being only interested in calc, having for 20 years used formulas and only record macros, was overwhelmed by the insight that members had, as to relating a lot to Basic. I had no clue to their word meanings at times. So I believe there may be many who only know and are just learning cells, there formulas, not even knowing Basic is there, and waiting for an answer as to something they can put in a cell. And at times, after having their answer, do not plan to come back. So those with insight to such should check it for them, if left uncheck for a give time. And often the question could be better worded by active members. My thought is, those mostly active here, are those who have job's and needing to know, unlike me, who just enjoy doing such. With that, I may be one of those who has, sort of made a mess with some of my post! But this site has helped me MUCH. I think there should be a box to check to let others know that the one asking the question, knows nothing of Basic, or no more than just recording a macro. Again thank you all who have answered so many good questions here to read. It has helped me much.