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If you use the latest version of MS Office, then MS Office is able to use ODF1.2. LibreOffice uses a lot of extensions, in case you save to "ODF 1.2 extended". MS Office does not know these extensions. So in case you have to switch between MS Office and LibreOffice and use ODF formats in both applications, then always save to "ODF 1.2" in LibreOffice.

Many of these extension are implemented to get a better interoperability with MS Office. Therefore you might get better results working in docx, xslx and pptx. But that depends on what the documents actually contain.

In switching between MS Office and LibreOffice you have to keep in mind, that there are principle differences between the file formats, that prevent a direct converting and need workarounds: E.g. Word has tables, which can float, so that text can be on the side of the table. That is not possible in LibreOffice. Therefore on import the table is put into a frame. But a frame cannot split about several pages. Or another example: LibreOffice Writer has the ability to vary the vertical position of an image anchored as character, that is not possible in Word. There are a lot of such subtle differences, that you always need to examine the converting result to be sure, that it meets your demands.

In case some special feature does not convert as expected, you should ask.