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answered 2013-03-22 07:23:37 +0200

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IMHO as much as our devs try to create MSO compatible export and import filters, they never have a real chance because MS - to the best of my knowledge - is not following standard formats. Thus, for our devs this MSO compatibility remains a moving target. Will MS follow and agreed industry standard? What could be a reason for MS to follow or not follow this standard?

We as LibO users have only the chance to live with what LibO provides.

However, since I am using LibO (means abandoned MSO) I recognized that pdf-Files are in 99.9% of all file exchange needs the best solution. In the remaining cases I save in an MSO format to exchange files. In these few cases I take into account that I might loose a bit of formatting.

To give @TJ Meneses a partial answer: Don't worry too much about the best MSO format, use pdf-files and make the best out of the situation (trial and error) when you need to export or import MSO formats.