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Why this ranting? This is a site manned by passionate users, not developers.

As is the case with every computer application, a minimal intellectual investment is needed to comfortably use LO.

As you have discovered, LO Writer is based on ubiquitous styles: basically in paragraphs, in intra-paragraph sequences of characters (does not exist in M$ Word), in lists, in pages ...

Page styles define the area of the sheet of paper where something can be printed, i.e. the main text flow area and "decorations" around it like margins, header and footer (though technically in LO header and footer are reserved areas inside the main one, contrary to M$ Word), background, ...

Header and footer are independent from each other. One can be enabled, the other not, at your will from the Header and Footer tabs in the style definition.

To achieve what you are looking for, LO Writer offers built-in styles First Page and Default Style. As its name implies First Page is intended to format the first page of the document. It automatically switches to Default Style when the page limit is crossed either through a manual page break or when first page is full.

Then you only need to customize these styles.

However one specification is missing in your post: you didn't tell if you want to "reclaim" the header space on page 2 and following for main text or keep this space empty so that pages 2+ look the same as the first.

In the first case, uncheck Header on in Default Style. In the second case, check Header on and have an empty paragraph in the header.

For better advice, update (don't use an answer) your question with matter-of-fact technical details.

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