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I finally realized that since the printer would not print any black from any computer, but would print colors, it had to be a black ink problem. Then I remembered that the little nozzle in the bottom of the cartridge holder in an Epson printer can become clogged with ink. I had this problem once before with one of my other Epson printers. I took out the black cartridge, laid it to one side, put on my husband's headlight and went to work with Qtips and non-acetone nail polish remover. It took two Qtips to clean it. I took two more and dried it off. I put the black cartridge back in and printed both in all black text and in a mixture of black and colors. Feel a little foolish because it took so long to find the problem but was thrown off the track by the fact that the problem started at the same time the Writer program was updated. It is all OK now.