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Writer offers quite flexible configuration of the page layout when printing.

  1. Open the Print dialog (FilePrint... Ctrl+P).
  2. Select required printer on General tab, and in its Properties, select required paper size (using the printer's driver UI).
  3. On Options tab of the Print dialog, check that Use only paper size from printer preferences is checked.
  4. On Page Layout tab of the Print dialog, select Pages per sheet as required, and configure options (like order, or more when Custom is selected in Pages per sheet).

You may also want to explicitly select the order of page numbers if you want some advanced printing, like printing first and last pages together, then second and next-to-last, and so on, like is required when printing for further folding and postprocessing.

This way, you could avoid the need to toss the content over pages. More options (like double-sided printing, and even more flexible multipage layout) can be offered by printer driver itself.