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Thanks, ratslinger. I always ask 'cause DB software is a pain in the first place¹ and up-to-date documentation is virtually essential to saving hours and hours of painful interaction with the keyboard whilst assaulting the ears of the neighbors with invectives that would curl the hair on a USMC Drill Sergeant. Thanks, again, for your time and consideration.

¹ Currently I only have Access (and have taken Access I and II thrice at the local community college). But since I only use it once a year to do a single report, the knowledge is lost between uses. I mentioned this to the Access instructor and he laughed. He said the Access user interface and documentation is targeted at professionals using it daily rather than the occasional user like myself. I guess when one is the 900 pound gorilla, one can do as one pleases (e.g., turning software and operating systems into rental items). I really, really miss Reflex. One great piece of software and very easy to use. A DOS-based product, it was written so well that it ran just fine on Windows until Windows XP when Microsoft did something to scramble the character translation table. Reflex would still run (and I could go from menu to menu 'cause I had some memorized) but, sadly, the screen just displayed nonsense. Of course, by then, Philippe and company were long gone. Sigh.