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Learning Base & databases is a large undertaking. This requires learning multiple things such a databases & the components, SQL to talk to the database & in this case Base which is the front end to the database.

The best starting point is the documentation found here -> LO Documentation. For Base there is the Getting Started guide, the complete Base section, samples and How-Tos. The documentation has many walk through examples on how to do things.

A brief answer to the actual question. The clients would all reside in one table with each client in a record within the table. The "material" would reside in its' own table containing all materials for all the clients. The records in the client table are 'related' to the material records. This means each client record may connect to many material records. This is the basis of relational databases and is known as a one-to-many relationship. This is a very simple example & the documentation will explain better with examples.

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