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The image I'm editing is a screenshot of a hidpi desktop, so it's natural size is about 3 times as wide as a typical draw document so Grantler's method doesn't work too well. However it did set me on a useful track.

  1. Check your screen aspect ratio.
  2. Open new Draw document..
  3. Right click page, select Page -> Page Setup.
  4. Select Orientation: Landscape, Format: Screen 16:9 (or whatever your aspect ratio is).
  5. Set all Margins to zero.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Right click page, select Page -> Set Background Image.
  8. You now have a Draw document page containing your screenshot in its correct aspect ratio. Add whatever annotations you desire.
  9. Save as Draw document for further editing or Export as image.

This procedure works great if you are annotating a whole screen screenshot. Grantler's method is fine for the more general case where you might be editing a screenshot of part of your desktop.