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Your comment was attached to the deleted duplicate question:

Sorry, I am unclear as to what you mean. When you say 'Please do not post as wiki as it helps no one.' I didn't know I did post as wiki. Do you mean wikipedia here?

If I read you correctly, you say I don't need new tables for each month, mmm, I thought I did. Ok so if I use 'append data' to the main table which the form uses, then that should do it.

As for wiki this is a check box when asking your question:

image description

You can also see above in your question, in upper right, This post is a wiki. instead of your user information.

Now, so as to be carefully clear, it was NOT stated you didn't need new tables. It WAS stated that it was not understood why you created new tables. There is a difference. Also stated:

Possibly clarify what is being attempted.

So, no, you did not read correctly. You have not explained what is being done clearly enough.