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Can't give a definitive answer based upon information given thus far. My guess is a possible incorrect Java installed. Java and LO must match bit-wise. 32-bit LO needs 32-bit Java. 64-bit LO needs 64-bit Java. From the menu, go to Tools-Options and under LibreOffice->Advanced you will see:

image description

Insure Use a Java runtime environment is checked and you should (within a few seconds) have your Java appear in the pane if the 64-bit version is installed. If it appears, make sure it is selected (can have many Java versions installed). If nothing appears, please install the 64-bit version from Oracle (OpenJDK should also work).

If this is not the problem, then possibly the data base you have connected to in the past originated form Access. If this is the case, it is a problem with connectors. See this post -> I got error "The connection to the data source "DB file name" could not be established." for links to a couple of possible solutions.

As you can see, information in important in determining what the problem may be. The more information you can provide on what is going on (like upgrading from another LO version; 32 to 64 bit; DB change) the more likely someone can help. Without the info, it is best guess.