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It's a pity that videos cannot play across multiple slides.

In my case, since I only wanted a short intro video, I made the video half the slide size (placing it at the top) and added a text effect at the bottom. The intro video was 20 seconds long, so I set my first slide to that. I used text on the bottom part of the slide, using the start effect of 'raising up' and exiting 'dissolve'

If you intend to play a video that goes across all slides, there is a sort of workaround that may help, although I think it's only of use if you were intending to record the Impress files as a movie. Using full screen and a screen capturing application could get the results you want.

Here the YouTube link to Tutoringby Pop's video

PS: I'm a total newbie with Linux, Libreoffice, especially Impress, but I'm really enjoying learning all this.

PPS: Where's the Commenting Tool?

Best wishes molendinar