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You need to be a bit more careful on your references. The comments were NOT made by @koolninja but rather by myself. Also the download file (extension is more precise) was DB Doc Shortcut. by Roberto Benitez.

Unfortunately, the referred to post was mode almost two years ago and things don't seem to work the same. The original test was done on a Linux Xubuntu install with an older LO than currently used. Have no idea even at that time if it worked on Mac. Just tried on Mint 18.3 with LO v6.0.5.2 and was able to have the dialog produce the appropriate command but creating the Bash file was a failure - it was blank. Using the created command and generating my own file it worked. However trying to connect to the standalone document was another problem.

I have tried (recently on Mint 18.3) & successfully used the macro on the mentioned post under the answer by @Kridtbandit and had no problem (again look at my comments there as there are a couple of lines to be deleted). This is a much better solution at this point and you should try it.