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HSQLDB v1.8 embedded is very old. This version does not allow creation of a new table based upon another table. Just tested v3.4 in a split mode and it does this with the following syntax:

    (SELECT "id_bouquet", "bouquet_Name"
        FROM "T_bouquets") WITH DATA

Table was created with the appropriate data.

With v1.8 it appears creation, data copy and deletion will each be separate processes.

Please realize, the current default database is being changed to Firebird 3.0 in LO v6.1 (soon to be released and currently available using Enable experimental features). There are a few problems with converting & copying data (numeric & decimal fields are current problem) but those problems are being addressed. Firebird embedded itself does work once you have the data in place. Have had it up and running for a few months now using thousands of records containing a variety of data (including numeric & decimal). This was a converted MySQL DB dealing with personal finances.

Long term, consider Firebird.