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Conditional formatting in the Calc application of LibreOffice 4.0.2 on Windows 7 64bit that I copy from one sheet to another sheet also disappears on save when I reload the spreadsheet.

Likewise, when I copy a sheet with the conditional formatting, after a save and reload, the conditional formatting is not there, but the formulas and values are.

I have tried using the format painter, but that won't copy conditional formatting across sheets (it did in 3). I have tried Copy, then Paste Special with only Formatting selected, and the formatting is copied, as verified by looking in Format | Conditional Formatting | Manage... But on a save, close, reopen, that conditional formatting is gone.

However, if I make the formatting from scratch on the page for a cell, and then use the format brush to fill a partial column, and then save, when I reload the sheet the formatting sticks.

Fortunately, the conditional formatting isn't too complicated to recreate, but it sure is a nuisance when you think you got the conditional formatting correct and the next day you update the file it is gone. :(