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Seems like a bug to me. I didn't manage to find exact steps to reproduce situation when Data ranges behave in the way mentioned above, but sometimes I manage to get such a behavior from Calc no matter what ranges names are. This happens only with the secondly defined range; third, fourth and so on ranges are working just fine. Here is an example file where I managed to reproduce this error - C:\fakepath\Ranges_odd.ods Maybe somebody more experienced can explain reasons for such a behavior.

About a workaround - it seems to me that you are not working with queries from database, which this functionality is designed for. If you just want to replace range addresses in formulas (such as $Sheet.A1:A10) with textual reference, you can go to Sheet -> Named Ranges and Expressions -> Define to define referenced ranges.

If I am wrong and you need to use information from database, then you can simply go to Data -> Define Range..., delete "broken" range and redefine in once again.