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This question is so simple. Apparently in LO the answer is not. The only work around I've found is to put the chapter names into the body at the beginning of each sub-document, then no info in first page headers.

You write: "What exactly are you wanting to include in the header? What does the term "chapter name" refer to? Do you mean the name of the sub-document file (i.e., document information)"


  1. Chapters in books are WRITTEN as short documents.

  2. Those documents are INSERTED into a master document.

  3. The FIRST PAGE HEADER OF EACH now SUB-document IN THE MASTER should be able to reproduce the sub-document FILE NAME. The NAME of the sub-document file.

  4. Subsequent pages of each sub-doc IN THE MASTER get the name of the book in their headers (ie master doc name) or, even better, alternate Right/left book-Name / author-Name.

That's all. This is industry standard.

What are the steps if this is indeed at all possible to do in LO?

If LO could do this and Bi-directional justification, millions more authors would use it, possibly even to publish with.