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I am not a great user of Calc but I think the procedure (at least if using Windows/LO 6.0.6) is:-

1 Select "Insert">"Text Box". The cursor will change to cross hairs. Hold down the left mouse button and draw a generous sized box.
2 Without clicking in the box (the cursor is already at its top left, but possibly not obvious) type your text inside the text box. When you are working elsewhere on the page the box borders will disappear, but a click on the text will bring them back and make the box active. 
3 You can move an active box anywhere on the page by putting the mouse pointer in the active box and holding down the left mouse button while you move it.
4 To rotate the text, make the text box active, select "Format">"Object">"Position and Size">"Rotation", the enter the rotation angle you want.

Some points to note

When a textbox is inserted as described, the formatting toolbar disappears. The inserted text will be in the default font and size and adjusting them will be a little tricky, especially if you want to try several changes.

Click on the text and the box should become active (and if rotated return to its un-rotated angle). Double click inside the box. You can then select and edit the text and font, either by switching the toolbar back on by selecting View>Toolbars or by selecting the text then Format> Character. Then click inside the textbox to return it to your chosen angle (if any).

You can adjust the size of the box by making the box active then using the mouse to move its borders, or by selecting "Format">"Object">"Position and Size"

My apologies if I have got any of the double and single clicking muddled, If in trouble try a few experiments.